Pastoral Prayer for November 20, 2022

Loving God,

You ARE holy.

May your sacred presence in all people and all living things

be known and revered throughout the world.

You are our Father.

You care for us as the most loving mothers and fathers

care for their children.

May we rest today in your care.

You grant wisdom to all who ask.

May your wisdom guide us and shape us in all we do.

We are all the work of your hand –

help us to flourish in insight, common sense, and discretion.

You, Lord Jesus, ARE the Prince of Peace.

Wherever there is strife in the world today –

in relationships, in communities, between races and religions,

between nations – may peace, not violence, prevail.

And may your children be the first to love peace and pursue it,

so that we can bring some heaven to earth.

Thank you that none of these requests –

nothing we could ever ask or imagine or need – is alien to you,

because you know what it is to be human.

Thank you, God, for dwelling among us, and for showing us the way home.


Independent and United Church of Christ