Honest Doubt – A Sure Path to God

Pastoral Prayer for April 30, 2023

Spirit of Life and Renewal,

We have wintered enough, mourned enough.

Our souls are too long cold and burdened,

our dreams all but forgotten,

our hopes unheard.

We are waiting to rise from the dead.

In this, the season of steady rebirth,

we awaken to the power so abundant, so holy,

that returns each year through earth and sky.

And even more than the powerful message of spring,

we rejoice in the awesome reality that Jesus was raised from death

on Easter morning.

Jesus told us that he goes before us to prepare a place for us

with God.

Because of his resurrection we can have confidence in ours.

We will find our hearts again, and our good spirits.

We will love, and believe, and give and wonder.

The flow of life moves ever onward through one faithful spring,

and another, and now another.

The flow of life moves ever onward through God’s loving faithfulness

toward Jesus, and through Jesus, toward us all.

May we be grateful.

Independent and United Church of Christ