We are delighted by the opportunity to share in your marriage ceremony! Any couple willing to make a serious commitment in love to each other is welcome to apply for use of our church facilities for a wedding. We assume Christian values in marriage, but impose no tests of belief of any kind.

We hope your wedding will be joyful and may bring you happy memories in the future.


  1. Contact Carole French, the Church Secretary (831.624.8595), to discuss your wedding date. She will mail you the wedding forms.
  2. A non-refundable deposit of $250 must be received with the completed wedding information form, before your date can be confirmed.
  3. We will schedule one of our ministers to perform your wedding (a meeting with whom is suggested approximately one month before the wedding date.) Please call the church office to make an appointment.
  4. You may bring your own minister to perform your ceremony if you wish. Please let the Church Secretary know that she need not schedule a minister.
  5. We will schedule an organist/pianist for your wedding. If you have additional music planned, please let us know. You will be given the name and phone number of the musician doing your wedding so you may make contact. Your music selection should be made by three weeks prior to the wedding.
  6. Smoking in the church buildings is absolutely prohibited. Use of rice or birdseed on the church grounds is not allowed. Please advise your guests of these rules.
  7. Reception facilities are available.
  8. A rehearsal time of one hour is allotted. Please be prompt.
  9. There are dressing rooms available. The church facilities are available to you for a maximum of two hours, beginning ONE HOUR PRIOR TO THE WEDDING. Please confirm such with florist, photographer, etc.
  10. The couple must have a California wedding license obtained in any California county (good for 90 days.)
  11. The capacity of the sanctuary is 275 persons but is quite suitable for much smaller weddings. The Outcalt Chapel’s capacity is 50 persons. The Rose Garden is available for a small, informal wedding.
  12. Use of an aisle runner or candelabra is permitted in the sanctuary and is available through your florist or rental company. Our aisle measures 32 feet. You may drop flower petals – but only if they are silk.
  13. Flash photography is not allowed during the ceremony. Please inform your photographer and guests. All rules about photography during the wedding are dictated by the minister officiating at the ceremony.


The fee for your wedding will be $1350. Full payment of the balance is due two weeks prior to the wedding. Please make out the check to Community Church and mail to P.O. Box 222811, Carmel, CA93922. If the payment is late, a cashier’s check or cash is required.

A small wedding (15 or fewer including the wedding party) will have a reduced fee of $500 ($650 with organist.) No rehearsal is planned with a wedding this size.

If cancellation of the wedding is made prior to two weeks before the wedding, all payments received will be returned minus the $250 deposit.

A Church Wedding Hostess will be present at all weddings of over 15 persons and help to coordinate the rehearsal and ceremony. The minister will attend the rehearsal. The organist does not attend the rehearsal.

If you have questions please call the church office 831.624.8595. The office is open weekdays 9 – 4. We will be happy to help you during those hours by phone. Should you wish to meet with the Secretary during those hours, please call and schedule an appointment in advance. You mail email our wedding hostess at