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Community Church

of the
Monterey Peninsula

Independent & United Church of Christ

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Order OF Worship​​ 

March 22,​​ 2020


Nursery care available​​ 

Children’s activities


Welcome to Community Church!

We’re glad you have chosen to worship with us this​​ morning.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here!






(An asterisk (*) indicates when the congregation may stand)

(If you are new to Community Church please​​ share your name​​  and address with us in the red friendship register that you will​​  find at the end of each pew.)


As We Gather…..










Congregational Greeting

This is an opportunity to greet those in front and back of you and on either side of you.



Choral Call to Worship


Call to Worship



*Opening​​ Hymn



Morning Prayers


Unison Prayer








Shared Silence

Please meditate using the​​ phrase most appropriate for you, or another phrase of your own choosing.


Abba, I belong to you.

Abba, I trust you.

Loving God, I belong to you.

Loving God, I trust you.


Pastoral Prayer


The Lord’s Prayer​​ (Unison)


Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. ​​ Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven. ​​ Give us this day our daily bread. ​​ And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. ​​ And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: ​​ for thine is the kingdom and the power, and the glory, forever. ​​ Amen.




Scripture Text






Invitation to Giving


Freely you have received,

freely give,

remembering the words

the Lord Jesus himself said:

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”






Praise God from Whom all blessings flow;

Praise God all creatures here below.

Praise God above all heavenly host.

Creator, Christ and Holy Ghost. Amen.


Unison Prayer







AnnouncementsPastor Paul


*Closing​​ Hymn  




Closing Hymn (cont.)








ENGAGING THE BIBLE: ​​ We meet Wednesdays 1:15-2:15. ​​ Join us in the Library!


WEDNESDAY EVENING BIBLE CLASS:​​ meets for dinner at 5:30 (optional) with class 6:00 p.m. ​​ 


HEALING PRAYER GROUP: ​​ Joanne Anderson welcomes those interested to meet in the Broaddus room after the worship service. ​​ Prayer requests are welcomed.


FRIDAY MORNING WOMEN’S SUPPORT & FAITH-SHARING GROUP:​​ The group meetings are 10:30 am Fridays in our church library  ​​​​ We are reading​​ Gone With​​ the Wind​​ by Margaret Mitchell,, who was awarded the National Book Award for most distinguished novel in 1936 and the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1937. ​​ Feel free to drop in, read along with us on your own, knit, bring a snack, bring a neighbor, talk, be silent, etc. ​​ All sharing is confidential & voluntary. Rev. Elizabeth Wrightman.


FELLOWSHIP NEEDS YOUR HELP! ​​ Those of you who wish to be part of the Fellowship team contact Cindi Daniel or Peter Sewald. ​​ We can use help with setting up and cleaning up on Sundays and for potlucks ​​ and special events. ​​ Treats are welcome for coffee hour!!!


Givingtree Benefit Shop

Hours  ​​​​ Thurs. and Fri. ​​ 12-4

Sat. ​​ 10-4

Donations welcomed during shop hours.

Open most Sundays after church for an hour.






OUR CHURCH KITCHEN​​ is inundated with casserole dishes, bowls,and miscellaneous containers that have been left afterI-Help Dinners, Pot lucks etc. ​​ PLEASE​​ PICK YOURS UP!! ​​ If you have trouble finding a certain item, check with Cindi, Liz, or Pam.






(I-HELP) FOR MEN:​​ We collect clothing and toiletries for the men. ​​ Monthly dinners are the 2nd Weds.  ​​​​ (We offer shelter one or more additional times each month.) ​​ Sign up in Woodhull Hall. ​​ Call Dolores Joblon for info.​​ 


I-HELP FOR WOMEN:​​ A week before the dinner (which is held the 3rd​​ Tuesday of the month), Kim Swan-Sosky sends out an email with items needed for the meal. If you would like to be included on the email to help when you can with ​​ dinner, please contact Kim Swan-Sosky 831-402-9014; ​​ kswan@mbayaq.org )


THE TOWEL TEAM MINISTRY:  We provide bath towels for showers at Dorothy’s and Sun Street Center in Salinas.  We need hand towels for the I-HELP programs.  ​​ Clean towels may be left in the office.


SUN STREET CENTER/SALINAS  is a service for education, prevention & recovery of alcohol addiction and drug abuse in men. ​​ We provide bedding and toiletries.


FOOD BANK: ​​​​ St. Mary’s Food Pantry, needs non-perishable foodstuff. Leave in food basket in narthex. ​​ Thank you Kucks​​ for​​ taking​​ St. Mary’s Church in PG.


CLOTHING CLOSET AT DOROTHY’S PLACE:​​ Clothing and toiletry​​ items may be left in the church office. ​​ Clothing is sorted and sized Mondays 10-12 and taken to Dorothy’s on Saturdays between ​​ 9-12.​​  ​​​​ Call Carolyn Gray for info.​​ 


ONE STARFISH SAFE PARKING: ​​​​ Parking in our church lot is available to homeless persons registered in the program and are supervised by Starfish staff.  ​​​​ Parking is allowed for those with permits from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.




The Community Church of the Monterey Peninsula encourages individual spiritual exploration. We pray, we seek, we study individually and around the table to learn what it means to be a Christian and follow Christ. We encourage and support each other in our learnings. ​​ Our​​ mission​​ is to welcome independent-minded people of all ages, build a diverse Christian community, and nurture one another to love God, neighbor and self.




God loves all people.

We welcome all people, wherever they are on their​​ life​​ journey.

Worship is the life breath of our community.

We are the heart and hands of Christ serving others.

We grow spiritually in Christ.

We provide creative, open, lifelong Christian education.

We are stewards sustaining all of Gods creation.

We promote understanding and cooperation among people of all faiths.

We are a vital democracy and value independent thinking and dialogue.

We joyfully support our mission with time, talent and​​ treasure.


Join us after worship on March 29

for a sandwich and salad lunch

(bring something to share)

then we will polish up the sanctuary.

If indoors is not your thing, there are plenty

of outdoor chores!

Many hands make light work!


















Rev. Paul Wrightman


Rev. Elizabeth Wrightman

Pastoral Associate

Carole French

Administrative Assistant

Solomon Yoo

Music Director/Accompanist

Simon Stewart




Worship Service is 10:00 a.m.

followed by Fellowship in Woodhull Hall.


Location: ​​ 4590 Carmel Valley Road, Carmel CA 93923

Mailing Address: ​​ P. O. Box 222811, Carmel CA 93922

Phone: ​​ (831) 624-8595

Givingtree Phone: ​​ (831) 624-3060


Your Legacy:

Remember Our Church

In Your Estate Plan



Independent and United Church of Christ