What We Can Learn From Jesus’ Own Struggle With Temptation

Please allow the words of the following prayer to become your own.


There is nowhere I can go where you would not find me.

You took on the darkness of hell itself

to rescue humanity from sin and death.

Loving God, find me in my dark places today.

Find me when I am stuck in brokenness,

doing the same thing over and over,

even though I know it’s bad for me,

hurtful to others,

and against your will.

Find me when I feel scared of life,

fearful about my future,

overwhelmed with all I’m facing.

Find me when it feels like life is out of control.

If you descended into hell,

then surely you are with me on my darkest days.

Surely you can bring light even here.

You sustain me when all my resources are gone.

You are my strength when I have none.

You are the one who rescues me, again and again,

and sets me free.

Grant me courage to believe, and to go on.

Thank you that nothing I face today, nowhere I go,

No deed I’ve done can separate me from your love.

Independent and United Church of Christ