Taking The Risk Of Knowing God

Pastoral Prayer for June 25, 2023

Loving God,

You said, Blessed are the peacemakers.

Help us to become peacemakers.  Show us how.

            Where can we show up?

            Where can we be present where there is no peace?

            What conflict do we need to go toward, not run from?

            Where do we need to speak up for reconciliation?

            To whom do we need to listen?

            Where is our opportunity to make peace?

Thank you for those who defend the poor and powerless

all over the world today.

Thank you for those who devote their lives

to the cause of nonviolence, restoration, and healing.

May they know the blessing of your comfort and refreshment.

Help us all to notice in our own lives

where we can invite and create peace –

and nudge us to act.


Independent and United Church of Christ