Pastoral Prayer for August 7, 2022

Lord Jesus,

You said Blessed are the peacemakers.

Help us to become peacemakers. 

Show us how.

            Where can we show up?

            Where can we be present when there is no peace?

            What conflict do we need to go toward, not run from?

            Where do we need to speak up for reconciliation?

            To whom do we need to listen?

            Where is our opportunity to make peace?

We continue to pray for peace in Ukraine.

It is difficult for us to fathom such a senseless, unprovoked war,

especially when the country that initiated the conflict

professes to be a deeply Christian nation.

Sometimes we wish that you would just boldly intervene

and set things right.

But we also know that you will not override human free will.

And we know that your Holy Spirit is doing everything possible

short of coercion to inspire a change of heart and mind

in the aggressor.

Why do so many human beings consistently choose the way of death over life?

Inspire us to choose life over death!

Thank you for those who defend the poor and powerless all over the world today.

Thank you for those who devote their lives to the cause of nonviolence,

restoration, and healing.

May they know the blessing of your comfort and refreshment.

Help us all to notice in our own lives where we can invite and create peace –

and nudge us to act.


Independent and United Church of Christ