Learning to See

Lord Jesus,

You have said that the humble are blessed,

that those who choose to serve others for no personal gain

will inherit the earth.

But how can this be, Lord? 

Please show us how.

In our world, the humble get ignored.

Yet humility is what you modeled.

You gave up all privilege.

You had divine power and prestige at your disposal,

yet you chose to come as a servant –

even when that choice brought you suffering and death.

Show us today how to live with faith and confidence

in your upside-down kingdom.

Change our imagination,

Rearrange our priorities,

Re-create our very way of seeing.

Otherwise, pride and power and winning make so much more sense.

Show us the giant promise of your “little” ways.

Help us to desire humility,

honor it in others,

and choose it for ourselves,

that we may do your true work

and reveal your beauty in this world.


Independent and United Church of Christ