Jesus’ Odd Approach to Eternal Life

Pastoral Prayer for October 31, 2021


Lord Jesus,

So often, we want to get out of here –

out of this challenging world, out of our own heads.

Some days, the idea of trading earth for heaven sounds irresistible.

To simply be with you! 

To be done with sorrow and strife.

To have our problems erased, and our worries put behind us.

To be forever at home in your presence!

You have made us from earth with an ache for heaven.

And so many who have gone before us on this walk of faith

also yearned for the day when they could see your face.

Like them, we “desire a better country.”

Yet remind us, Lord Jesus, that when you went back to heaven,

your mission here was complete.

Ours isn’t yet.

Teach us to take comfort in our ultimate destination

without trying to escape your calling to the here and now.

Help us today to look ahead with joy.

Help us to live in gratitude

that you have already made a home for us in eternity with you.


Independent and United Church of Christ