Jesus is Not A Dead Fact, But a Living Friend

Loving Comforter,

Today we ask for comfort for all who need it.

Comfort for those who are sick – people struggling with ongoing illness,

or living in chronic pain.

Comfort for the caregivers – those who give so much to others

that they have nothing left.

Comfort for the lonely – those who feel they have no support,

no one who cares or understands.

Comfort for the regretful – those who live in the shadow of guilt and shame.

Comfort for the fearful – the many plagued by threats

both real and imagined.

Comfort for those who wrestle with doubts – those diligent seekers

to whom you feel distant or elusive.

Loving God, you are the Spirit of Comfort.

You bring the peace that passes understanding.

Renew all who grieve today.


Independent and United Church of Christ