Pastoral Prayer for October 16, 2022

Loving God,

You were led to a lonely place, where temptation found you.

When I am tempted, help me to remember that you have been there, too.

The tempter offered you food, but it was not the nourishment you needed.

Where do I take shortcuts?

Where do I fulfill my desires with an immediate payoff

instead of what is lasting?

Show me, kind Spirit.

You were tempted to show off your power, but you resisted.

Where do I hold tightly to reputation and pride?

Make me aware of the places where my ego rules my heart and mind.

Immediate power could have been yours, but you chose a humble way.

Where am I grasping for power or control?

Where do I want authority that is not mine?

Show me your way of finding strength in weakness, Jesus.

Help me in my daily struggle against temptation.

May your angels guard my way, and may your Spirit set me free.


Independent and United Church of Christ