Pastoral Prayer for December 12, 2021

Please allow the words of this prayer to become your own.

Loving God,

Show me how to be in relationship with You

without being self-righteous.

Show me how to wear my faith lightly, yet hold it deeply.

I want to find that way.

I want to receive the gift of a deeply held personal relationship

with You.

I desire a rich reservoir of faith and trust in You,

without an ounce of self-regard seeping in.

Help me to hold fast to your ways,

and let me not take pride in doing so.

May I be mindful of You first.

May I look and listen for your will in all things.

Save me from making the gifts of spiritual practice –


reading a sacred text,

praying a sincere prayer,

delighting in worship –

occasions of pride, for that warm feeling of achievement

that I so easily mistake for your “well done.”

Let my relationship with You, Loving God,

be the greatest joy and strength in my life.

In the meantime, thank you for receiving me. . . just as I am.

Independent and United Church of Christ