God’s love in action

Pastoral Prayer for November 21, 2021

(Please allow the words of this prayer to become your own.)


Blessed are those who hunger for justice.

In your compassion, Lord, remember those who are

desperate, exhausted, beaten down, and forgotten today.

Remember those who are unfairly imprisoned.

Remember those who have limited opportunities,

who see no chance to make things better.

Remember those born into failed families, neighborhoods, nations.

Remember those growing up in broken circumstances of all kinds.

Remember the widow and the orphan.

Remember those whose lives are torn apart by war, or racism,

or religious persecution, or unfair laws that prevent them

from building a life for themselves and their families.

In your sight, they are my mother and father, my sister and brother,

and I am their keeper.

You have called them blessed.

Help them to hear your surprising word today.

Bless them.  Provide for their deepest hungers.

Show me my part in that provision, and help me to act on it,

for your glory and the welfare of your people.


Independent and United Church of Christ