Loving God, my Provider,
Where am I lost in a wilderness of need, want, or being broken?  Show me, Lord.  I want to be found by you.
What about my past might I be idealizing, or wasting time and energy longing for?  Help me see the illusions that are robbing me of today.
Am I prone to complain, even when you are providing for me?  Please show me how and when.
You provide so generously for my wants and needs.  But some situations consistently trigger my doubts about your provision in the future.  Show them to me.  And where does your generosity trigger my greed instead of greater charity with others?  Please, gracious Provider, help me to see the truth.
Loving Provider, let this be the measure of my trust in you: that what I want is what you want for me.  Thank you that you are with me on my journey.  Help me to receive your gifts, put them to good use, and rest — no matter what — in your unfailing goodness.

Independent and United Church of Christ