Pastoral Prayer for November 27, 2022

(This week’s prayer is from the United Church of Christ Book of Worship)

Creating and sustaining God,

in your presence there is life.

Living water springs up,

and deserts blossom where you pass.

We seek the life that comes from you.

Our hearts are ready, O God,

our hearts are ready.

Delight us with your presence,

and prepare us for your service in the world.

In all our restless activity and all our attempts

to predict, control, and secure our lives,

we thirst for water;

our spirits yearn for you.

Without your aid,

our best efforts fall short

of bringing the life for which we long.

We do not know how to create

just and loving relationships and societies;

we need your help.

Come to us in Christ,

and show us the way to true life.

Empower us by your Spirit

that we may take part in your labor

to bring new life on earth.

Come quickly, Christ Jesus,

bright morning star of the world,

and shine on us with your light.


Independent and United Church of Christ