Pastoral Prayer for February 13, 2022

Please allow the words of this prayer to become your own personal words.

Loving God,

You know everything about me.

Every thought and feeling and hope and fear play out before you, clear as day.

Help me always to ask you, boldly:  forgive us our trespasses.

You see my failings anyway, and you’re not surprised by anything

I do or think or feel.

Help me to know that forgiveness is available,

and that I can be as forgiving toward others as you are toward me.

Favor me with the gift of knowledge,

that I would truly know your love, see your truth, and walk your path of life.

By your Spirit, help me to live in the power of the Resurrection,

and to spread the good news of new life everywhere I go.

As I do, may I bring your comfort to those who need it.

Make me a sensitive, welcome emissary of your promise:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

Make it true for me, that I may receive your comfort.

And make it true for my life, as I announce and model your comfort

to those around me.

Thank you for this path to new life.


Independent and United Church of Christ