Pastoral Prayer for November 6, 2022

Loving God,

You are “Father.”  And you are holy.

Help us to live more deeply into this dual reality –

     that you are as near and trustworthy as a loving daddy;

     and that your very nature is flawless beyond imagining.

You are, O God, the essence of perfection:

     No one is higher or better.

     Nothing is more sacred.

     You are the source and essence of all life.

     You hold the universe together.

     Even your name is pure and flawless.

Yet nevertheless, you hold us, who are not those things,

     in your loving care.

You are a loving parent.

     You give us life and teach us your ways.

     You are tender, protective, generous, and kind.

     When we stray, your whole desire is only for our good.

Show us, your children, how to embrace

     both your fatherliness and your holiness today.


Independent and United Church of Christ