God Is Bigger Than Gender

Pastoral Prayer for February 19

(Please allow the words of this prayer to become your own.)

Loving God,

You have promised to give us wisdom if we ask,

and without holding our need against us.

You don’t fault us for asking, then asking again.

I need the gift of wisdom today.

Grant me deeper understanding in the common things,

the things I do out of habit and without a second thought.

May every part of my life be infused with your life –

like light, like streams of water.

Help me to rightly examine all things,

to discern right from wrong, to see clearly what I should do.

I need wisdom in

            –my work

            –my relationships

            –how I speak to others

            –how I spend and save and give money

            –how I eat

            –what I give my attention to throughout the day

And it’s not just for me.

In the push and shove of competing opinions,

the whole Christian community needs wisdom.

In the culture wars currently going on in our country,

help us as a community to discern

where so-called “wokeness” and political correctness

goes too far and where it is simply echoing

your own desire for equality and justice.

Grant us insight in our thoughts and desires,

so that our minds can be open, uncluttered, and vibrant.

Give us your wisdom, Loving God, that we may be more like you.


Independent and United Church of Christ