God Does Not Lead Us Into Temptation, But Away From It!

Pastoral Prayer for December 18, 2022

We confess today our tendency to wander,

to fall back on the same old patterns

even when they bring the same old harm.

May we find comfort in remembering

that you were also tempted.

You know what it’s like to have evil parade before you —

all the glittering alternatives that lead to gloom in the end.

You were faithful.

Help us to be faithful too.

May we thrive in the simple joy of your presence –

listening for your leading, remembering your goodness,

turning away again and again from roads that lead to nowhere.

Loving God, you are my Loving Father,

and I’m grateful that you want to protect me from harm.

You are my strong defender.

You are my rock of refuge.

Deliver me from evil:

            Grant me courage to stand firm in temptation.

            Save me from my self-destructive impulses.

            Rescue me from fear and discouragement.

            Shine your light where darkness threatens to overwhelm me.

            And graciously, by your Spirit, fill me with joy for the journey.

Deliver my family, community, and this world from evil:

            Grant us and our leaders the resolve to contend for the right.

            Save us from violence, hatred, war, and oppression.

            Rescue us from acting out our fear, anger, or prejudice.

            Shine your light where darkness threatens to overwhelm.

            And graciously, by your Spirit, renew us and our world

            in your unfailing love.


Independent and United Church of Christ