Pastoral Prayer for October 30, 2022

Loving God,

You promise to give power to the weak.

Where we are weak, grant us the gift of fortitude. 

Make us strong today.

Set us free.

Where we are ignorant of our weakness,

lead us gently to see our need for you.

For all your people, we pray:

Strengthen our minds,

that we may overcome apathy and ignorance.

Strengthen our spirits,

that we may rise above exhaustion and opposition.

Strengthen our hearts,

that we may never be mastered by fear.

You are calling all your people to live lives

of meaning and purpose – lives that glorify you.

Fill us with energy and endurance by your Spirit,

that we may accomplish all you have given us to do,

today and every day.

Loving God, we thank you for Jesus, that he reveals to us the

deepest concerns of your own heart.  Thank you for this prayer

that Jesus gave us, as we pray together. . .

Independent and United Church of Christ