(Please allow the words of this prayer to become your own.)

Loving God,

You challenge me to live by the Golden Rule. 

I’m asked to spread compassion like confetti at a parade,

because that’s what love demands,

and I want to love you with all my heart, mind, soul, and strength.

Sometimes in my own hurry or self-absorption

I’m apt to rush by someone who’s hurting, who needs my help.

Help me to slow down and see those who need my

compassionate attention:

            Those who require sacrifice from me, who could cost me

            time, effort, or money.

            Those to whom I don’t feel obligated.

            Those, even friends and family, who have wronged me.

            Those who ignore me, or are too busy for me,

            or who have neglected me.

            Those who struggle in proximity to me

            but whom I’ve learned to barely notice.

            Those you have placed in my conscience

            by the nudging of your Spirit.

Loving God, may your own compassion grow more and more in me

as I become more skilled at sharing with others

your extravagant grace.

Free me from judgment, and fill me with love.

And on this eve of Martin Luther King Day,

help us to grow more and more into his pattern

of loving nonviolence.


Independent and United Church of Christ