A Close Look At The ‘Our’ in “Our Father”

Pastoral Prayer for November 13, 2022

Heavenly Father,

Teach me a child’s way of living in my heart and mind today:






            quick to laugh

            delighted in the moment

            connected to family

            connected to the wider community

            easily contented

            ready to hope – and to hope big – all over again

            forgetful of yesterday

            reaching for Mommy

            reaching for Daddy

            reaching often, God –

            secure in your presence

            believing in your goodness

            trusting in your strength

I want to change and to become little in my spirit.

Teach me what that looks like.

Help me to let go of the grown-up stuff I’m so prideful about,

like what I think I know, especially about you.

Remake me like a child in all the right ways.


Independent and United Church of Christ